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Foot and Ankle Physicians West

Foot and Ankle Physicians West is a 30-year-old podiatric medical and surgical practice. Dr. Moeller started practicing in 1986.  The practice specializes in the medical and surgical care of the foot and ankle.
Our practice has two offices in the Twin Cities western suburbs with convenient locations and office hours. Having a dedicated staff allows us to give you high-quality care. Foot and Ankle Physicians West makes every effort to be able to see you in a timely manner, usually within a week for most problems.
Dr. Moeller is dedicated to providing you with the best medical and surgical care of the foot and ankle. The doctor spends time every year going to seminars and workshops to learn new skills and procedures to give you the best outcome-based medicine available. Our staff is instructed to treat everyone with respect and compassion. Dr. Moeller believes in taking time to evaluate and treat each patient. We try hard to stay on schedule as we do respect your time.
You will find lots of valuable information on this website about foot and ankle problems, diagnoses and treatments. We believe informed patients are better prepared to make decisions about their health and well-being. The doctor encourages you to review this information to help you understand any health concerns you may face.

New  treatments for Plantar Fasciitis and Tendonitis

New biological options are available to promote healing, relief of inflammation and pain related to soft tissue conditions including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and similar soft tissue issues. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is produced from one's own blood.  A more recent development has been Interfyl, derived from placenta amniotic tissue.  Both are injections that are performed in the office. 

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